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Hi ! I'm a new on livejournal,I don't know yet how to properly configure my lj!
I'm confused why!
But if someone could help me and tell me how and where to go to put a design in the top of my lj!
If I search full " .psd " , sure the " .PSD " is only for me ,so I don't redistribute.
I Will try to save ,like for tutorials , but I hope that if you take ,you will show examples with images you've chosen ,and especially as you take that for you ,and the redistributed in your sites, ...
And if I use my " .PSD " to you, cons I would not able to say or I did find , so if you drive here , tell me if this is yours.
You find sometimes (or often) some creations made by me , it will mostly avatars (simple,if I may say) or icons , so don't take please.
So thank you for respecting my work!goodbye.

Leave me comments,it's always a pleasure.

P.S. :: I just added my links if you're interested!
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